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DayName & Birthday

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It contains a database of more than 6400 names in which you can without limitation: add, edit or delete names.Every day the application will automatically check if a name or a birthday to celebrate is in your phone book and if so will notify you via a notification.So save yourself the tedious task of checking every day if there is a party to wish the application takes care of!Where a notification is displayed simply click on it to go directly to the contact list to celebrate with the display of their photos and their phone #, SMS and Email. No need to search your phone book contact information.Then selecting one of the number, the application of your choice automatically prepares a message for SMS and Emails or displays the keyboard of the phone with number pre-composed.The message template for sms and emails can be set and the first name is inserted automatically. You can either edit the message or send it directly either. It's convenient and fast.All menus and screens are translated into English
Contact groups to consider are configurable, eg: 'friends' and 'family' only.You can also cancel the inclusion of specific contacts.
Of course, the application provides basic functionality for displaying Christmas Day and search for any celebration by date or by name.
This application has no advertising.